Best Credit Card Reader for iPhone or Android in Canada: 6 Options to Consider

Looking for the best credit card reader for iPhone or Android in Canada? Look no further as you have come to the right place! Check out these 6 great options!


The ecommerce merchants often find themselves selling items in venues other than their official web stores. It doesn’t matter where – it could in boutiques, in-store trunk shows, local fairs, pop-up shops, coffee shops, and etc. the ecommerce merchants are setting up their selling places and they sell all kinds of products.

Before the sellers had to run cash-only stores or process credit card transactions on a laptop, however, the reliable internet connection and the extra outlets can be pretty rare at these events. All sellers today can process credit card transactions on their smartphones with a host of credit card swipers and mobile applications.

If you’re looking for the best credit card reader for iPhone or Android in Canada, look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

  • iPay – This is probably one of the most flexible credit card processors for iOs. This is a great solution for merchants that already have their own personal merchant account. iPay Point of Sale system is compatible with numerous widely-used payment gateways. The starting price is $7.50. The app is free.
  • Swipe It – You can use this application by itself or you can use it in combination with the Swipe it Reader for credit card swiping on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to use this solution, you must set up your own account with its EPay gateway which will cost you around $15, $1.5 per transaction, and $20 per month.
  • Mobile Merchant Pro – This is a free Android application that provides a super simple way to accept all credit cards. It has a limited gateway support, however, it is also compatible with two of the best gateways – PayPal Website Payments Pro and Authorize.Net. The app is free.
  • Square – This is one of the most popular credit card reader solutions on the market. You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet and use the app directly without a credit card swiper (if you want to add a dongle or a credit card swiper you can plug it directly into your iPad or iPhone headphone jack) so sellers can type-in their account information or swipe. Yes, it is pretty simple and everyone can do it. Square charges $15 for a swiped card and extra 2.75%. The app is free for iOs.
  • Intuit GoPayment – This credit card reader for iPhone accepts credit cards and debit cards. You need to type in the customer’s credit card information, click “Charge” and the fees will be calculated automatically. If you are running a larger business, you can add up to 50 different employees to one account. In order to use the app, you will have to set up your own Intuit GoPayment Merchant Service. You will be charged 2.7% on all typed-in credit card info and extra 11.7% charge when using a credit card reader. The app is free.a
  • ROAMpay – The app works in combination with a provided credit card swiper, allowing users to swipe their credit cards or type-in their personal account information. The built-in tools allow for emailing of receipts, customer data tracking and search, handling of voids and refunds, and much more. The app is $2.99.

So, which credit card reader option will you choose? Please comment below!

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